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Frances Cannon: “it was so freeing when I discovered feminism and opened my mind.”

Artists like Frances Cannon are a balm to all the negativity directed towards our bodies every day. Her Instagram feed is both a visual feast and an lesson in how to be human. Fleshy, rounded figures feature throughout her work, each exhorting you to love yourself and your friends, but above all, be authentic. In a space awash with image filters and affectations of casualness that is hard to separate from the pages of wanky lifestyle magazine, Frances' work is a generous breath of fresh air. "I’ve always used art as a...

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Journeying Towards Pride

It's been three years since renowned funny woman Jordan Raskopoulos made the biggest decision of her life: trans or die?

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Solving the Case of the Missing Women

"We can't find enough women. Where are all the women?" This question is asked at the Financial Review Westpac 100 Women of Influence dinner, where there are almost one thousand representatives of this gender. The interlocutor is the Fin's business editor, who laments that the paper is perceived as being "too blokey". His pained expression seems to suggest the problem is intractable. Certainly our Mates Over Merit report, conducted by Women in Media and iSentia, reveals almost four-in-five finance stories are written by men. This is not the fault of our educational institutions,...

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