Hear Her Story. Raise your voice.

We asked several women to read out the real life story of a woman seeking asylum in Australia. Their reaction to this true history says so much about what Australians actually want.

Watch the video, hear her story, and share our six point safety plan for a brighter future.

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“The current practices of our major political parties are dangerous for women, men and children. They are based on moral premises that are causing severe harm, and we must challenge them.”

— Mary Crooks AO, Executive Director

Through the Our Voice Their Safety campaign, we are calling on you and your networks to join with us in raising our voices to improve the situation of women and children on Nauru, demanding our Government endorse an alternative, humane plan for all people seeking asylum in Australia.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Focus Areas

Everyone has the right to be safe in their homes, on the streets, at work and in digital spaces.

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Prue Myer Sub-Fund

Prue Myer Sub-Fund

Sub Funds

This Sub-Fund supports immigrants and refugees and other disadvantaged girls and young women and provides them with positive mentoring opportunities or ways to improve their educational outcomes.

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so that in this lifetime we can be:

  • equally paid for the same work
  • safe on the streets and in our homes
  • equally represented in our parliament and leadership positions
  • in charge of our own bodies

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