Building Respectful Relationships

The Be the Hero! website was designed for small groups of boys and young men – led by a male group leader or teacher – over at least four sessions.

The aim was to have boys and men all over Australia knowing that this program exists and accessing it as an important tool in building respectful relationships.

As part of their Respect for Women program, reigning National Rugby League premiers Melbourne Storm formalised a partnership with the Victorian Women’s Trust in 2010 to implement the Be the Hero! program with their Under 18 players.

The Victorian Women’s Trust hosted the Storming Against Violence Week of Action in 2012 to provide a platform to engage the wider community in a dialogue around violence prevention and to highlight the key role men can play in reducing violence against women and children.

Originally developed by the Victorian Women’s Trust, Be the Hero! workshops were facilitated by violence prevention educator Nirodah.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Focus Areas

Everyone has the right to be safe in their homes, on the streets, at work and in digital spaces.

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Club Respect

Club Respect


Club Respect will deliver strategic educational tools, helping sporting clubs to embed a culture of respect and harm prevention in all their practices.

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Club Respect. Pass it on.

Our new innovative digital platform is designed for sports clubs of all shapes and sizes to embed a culture of respect in all their practices.

Club Respect helps your club become a place of respect, safety, fun, fairness and success.

It’s a winning formula!

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