Between the Leaves
Episode seven: Violence

“Children taken and land weeping and lonely.”

Hosts Ellen and Hermina share a selection of poems exploring racial, gendered and political violence.

If this episode raises any issues for you, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit our website for a full list of support services.

Featured poets

Anna Akhmatova

Franny Choi

Mary Fullerton

Hermina Burns

Antigone Kefala

Ellen van Neerven

Poems (in order of appearance)

Akhmatova, Anna. “Prologue”. Selected Poems, Penguin, 1985.

Choi, Franny.TO THE MAN WHO SHOUTED “I LIKE PORK FRIED RICE” AT ME ON THE STREET”. Floating, Brilliant, Gone, Write Bloody Publishing, 2014.

Burns, Hermina. “The Stick”. Crossing a Line, Bristlebird Press, 2020.

Kefala, Antigone. “The Actual places”. Absence, 2010.

Fullerton, Mary. “Puppets”. Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets by Llewellyn Kate, Llewellyn Kate and Susan Hampton, 1986.

van Neerven, Ellen. Women are still not being heard”. Throat University of Queensland Press, 2020.


Hosts Ellen van Neerven, Hermina Burns

Music (Intro) Loop Lady – 2. In the Middle by Sally Whitwell; (outro) Black Smoke by Emily Wurramara

Co-producers Mary Crooks AO, Maria Chetcuti, Ally Oliver-Perham

Sound engineer Nicholas Pollock

Recording  Squeak E. Clean Studios, the Voice Plant

Graphic design Aimee Carruthers