Robyn Mason Sub-Fund

The Robyn Mason Sub-Fund will support initiatives focused on the safety of regional and rural women. We are proud to recognise the Robyn Mason Sub-Fund as our first harm prevention Sub-Fund, named in honour of passionate feminist, Robyn Mason.

Robyn Mason was a social worker and academic focused on the needs of rural women. After a battle with cancer, Robyn passed away in October 2016. Greatly missed, Robyn’s legacy will live on through her Sub-Fund. Robyn was a firm advocate for a just society, warmly remembered for her strong values of civility, respect for others, justice, truthfulness and genuineness.

Her life’s work epitomises these values. From her first job as a teacher at Alice Springs High School to her work training and supporting foster carers in Victoria’s central highlands area, Robyn sought to create a better society through her deeds. In later life, she worked as a volunteer community worker in Tonga and as a counsellor with Ballarat’s Centre Against Sexual Assault.

At the launch, VWT Executive Director, Mary Crooks AO, said, “Robyn Mason was, by any stretch of the imagination, a remarkable woman.” She added, “The Victorian Women’s Trust is extremely grateful to Robyn for her significant gift which has endowed the first Sub-Fund of our charitable arm, the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls, named after Henrietta Dugdale, a pioneering advocate for the rights of women in Australia.”

“From the late 1860s onwards, Henrietta fearlessly campaigned for women’s suffrage, and publicly challenged its opponents. She was outspoken, had progressive ideals and enormous moral courage in a time when women struggled to be heard. In her own words, she tirelessly ‘…advocated the moral right of women to her share in political power’”.

Robyn’s life and work truly reflect the values of Henrietta Dugdale. We hope that many people will support the Robyn Mason Sub-Fund so that we can continue her great achievements and commitment to making the world a fairer place.

Robyn Mason was, by any stretch of the imagination, a remarkable woman.

Mary Crooks AO, Executive Director, Victorian Women’s Trust