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Performing Love & Justice

The first public performance took place at BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square Melbourne, on 29 November 2008 and celebrated the centenary of Victorian women’s right to vote in state elections.

“To the Trust: thank you for being the inspiration behind a most wonderful gift to women: an anthem by the wonderful Kavisha, an anthem that tells of women’s struggle and of their hopes for the future. I just know that we will hear it and sing it many times but I will always remember the emotion, the connection and the joy of hearing it for the first time today”

– Choir member, women’s anthem inaugural performance

Watch the inaugural performance of Love and Justice.

Download the lyrics to Love and Justice.

Click here to view the music sheet of Love and Justice.

ABC TV Stateline ran a segment on the women’s anthem on the eve of the inaugural performance. Read the transcript.

Love and Justice Women's Anthem

Equal Representation
Focus Areas

Equal Representation

We all have the right to be seen, heard and recognised for our contributions to society.

A rallying cry for the brave, and the defiant

A rallying cry for the brave, and the defiant

In this edited extract from Mary Crooks' essay, Destination Equality, the patriarchal order that governs our lives is laid bare, and so too is the road ahead. Taken from the essay collection Fragility and Hope in a World of Uncertainty (Future Leaders), Mary asserts that equality is not inevitable, it's hard won.

Mary Crooks AO

Breakthrough: "the biggest gender equality conference in the nation's history."

Breakthrough (hosted by the Victorian Women’s Trust on Nov 25-26) was a giant coming together of all kinds of people and 100+ speakers to talk about the most important opportunity of our times; gender equality.

Ally Oliver-Perham
Our History

Our History

so that in this lifetime we will be: equally paid for the same work safe on the streets and in our homes equally represented in our parliament and...

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so that in this lifetime we can be:

  • equally paid for the same work
  • safe on the streets and in our homes
  • equally represented in our parliament and leadership positions
  • in charge of our own bodies

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