How does Rosie help teens?


Since 2013, Rosie has been a go-to resource for teens. Through our digital platform (relaunching in 2024) users can:

  • Ask Rosie: submit questions to our team

  • Share their voice: contribute to our emerging writers program (paid opportunity)

  • Self educate: read and share hundreds of articles and glossaries on key topics

  • Seek help: we encourage young people to connect with support services such as free sexual health clinics, mental health services, and more


Rosie is a supportive and considered voice in the digital landscape, providing young people with key info relevant to their lives.

We seek to:

  • connect with young women across Australia aged 13-20
  • provide an antidote to forces which undermine young people’s self confidence
  • support young people in all their diversity to use their voice for social good
  • provide up-to-date, well-researched and empowering info resources for teens

Meet the team

Maki Morita

Maki joined the Victorian Women’s Trust in July 2021 and is the editor of Rosie. Maki works with Rosie contributors, volunteers and guest writers to shape content, grow our audience and continue its national reach as a strategic harm prevention initiative.

Maki is passionate about elevating feminist, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC voices in both her personal and professional life. She believes that writing is a vital tool for encouraging empathy and creative expression, especially amongst young people.

Club Respect

Club Respect


Club Respect will deliver strategic educational tools, helping sporting clubs to embed a culture of respect and harm prevention in all their practices.

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About Bloody Time

About Bloody Time


This book digs deep into the menstrual taboo: where it exists, how it came to be and why it's so resilient. Our culture asks women and girls to view their bodies through a prism of negativity and fear. We want to change that.

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so that in this lifetime we can be:

  • equally paid for the same work
  • safe on the streets and in our homes
  • equally represented in our parliament and leadership positions
  • in charge of our own bodies

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