Rosie in the Classroom

Rosie in the Classroom is an educational resource kit based on our original Rosie Videos, created to assist teachers in talking about difficult but important topics.

Topics like sexting or respect in relationships should be incorporated into the curriculum so that all teenagers are aware of their rights and can encourage respect within their school community. Each module includes a downloadable lesson plan and video which can be screened in class.

These lesson plans have been written by Briony O’Keeffe, lead teacher at Fitzroy High School and facilitator of the Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective, and are suitable for students in years 7-10.

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Rosie Videos

We create original video content providing key information on stress reduction, violence prevention, maintaining healthy friendships, sexual harassment and much more. The videos address areas of disadvantage for young women, inform them of their legal rights, provide strategies and support for dealing with a variety of issues, while promoting inclusivity, diversity & compassion. 

By unpacking tough issues, these videos serve as a tool for self education, as well as an important resource for teachers.

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Write Like a Girl

Write Like a Girl is our teenage blog program, giving writers aged 14-19 the opportunity to get their voice out there.

Inspired by Clementine Ford’s feminist text Fight Like A Girl, this program features a new young writer every month. Each writer selects their own topic. We have been fortunate to work with a diverse range of young people passionate about stuff that really matters. 

Through Write Like A Girl we have published insightful articles on mental health, feminism in schools, reproductive rights, people seeking asylum, gender stereotypes, working rights, multiculturalism and global warming.

Every writer is paid for their valuable contribution and we are proud to showcase the talents of young Australians.

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Meet the team

Maki Morita

Maki joined the Victorian Women’s Trust in July 2021 and is the editor of Rosie. Maki works with Write Like a Girl contributors, Rosie volunteers and guest writers to create Rosie’s content, grow its online presence and continue its national reach as a strategic harm prevention initiative.

Maki is passionate about elevating feminist, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC voices in both her personal and professional life. She believes that writing is a vital tool for encouraging empathy and creative expression, especially amongst young people.

Ally Oliver-Perham

Ally is the Manager of Strategic Communications at the Victorian Women’s Trust. Ally co-founded Rosie with Georgie Proud in 2014 and has been overseeing the project for many years.

She believes that young people have the power to change our world for the better and gender equality is at the heart of positive social change.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Focus Areas

Everyone has the right to be safe in their homes, on the streets, at work and in digital spaces.

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Sanduni Sithara Hewa Katupothage Champions Teenage Girls

Sanduni Sithara Hewa Katupothage Champions Teenage Girls


"If I could just go back in time and give my younger self advice, I’d just direct her to Rosie. You look back in time as well, like Malala and Joan of Arc. You find all these teenage girls who are going against the grain."

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A 1950s History Teacher's Gift to Young Women Today

A 1950s History Teacher's Gift to Young Women Today


A new educational resource will continue the work of gifted educators in inspiring new generations of students to become resilient, strong and courageous.

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so that in this lifetime we can be:

  • equally paid for the same work
  • safe on the streets and in our homes
  • equally represented in our parliament and leadership positions
  • in charge of our own bodies

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