Breakthrough - The Future is Gender Equality.

Tilly Lawless

Sex Worker + Activist

Tilly Lawless

Tilly Lawless is a queer Sydney sex worker, horse rider and uni graduate. You will find her rambling mainly on her Instagram about things such as drug decriminalisation, the whorearchy, emotional monogamy & the intersection & interplay of queerness with sex work.

“I would love for every trans woman, woman of colour, disabled woman, un-smiling woman, old woman, fat woman, happy woman, queer woman, every kind of woman in this world to be able to walk down a deserted street at night and never again fear the approach of others, never again be denied something because of their sex or gender presentation, never again be exposed to the violence that narrow and bigoted views of gender lead to. Have gender and sex as things with only positive results, no longer as a step back in the world and a reason to oppress. I want people to be released from the oppressions and connotations of gender.”

Hear Tilly speak in Gender Equality IRL Break out session as part of Our Common Cause — Equality.

Photo credit: Chloe Nour