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Sally Goldner

LGBTI Activist

Sally Goldner

Sally Goldner’s eighteen years involvement in Victoria’s LGBTI community includes Transgender Victoria (now Executive Director), presenter of 3CR’s “Out of the Pan” and Bisexual Alliance Victoria.

In 2016 Sally was inducted to the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll, acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding achievements of Victorian Women. Sally is the first trans woman to be inducted into the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll and said of the announcement, “It’s really affirming for myself and for trans and bi women that this recognition has happened and to be in the company of such a diverse range of women is very empowering”.

In 2010 Sally played an active role in the formation of Bisexual Alliance Victoria, and the following year Sally was voted as one of Melbourne’s 100 most influential people. Her radio show covers pansexual issues, pansexual meaning ‘knowing no boundaries of sex or gender’, including transgender, bisexual and polyamorous issues.

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