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Judith van Unen

Entrepreneur + Activist

Judith van Unen

Judith is best known as a prominent activist for ‘women and the economy’, working to achieve enduring economic well-being.

A lifelong entrepreneur and business performance strategist with a profound commitment to social justice, Judith uses her lived experiences, expertise and common sense approach to problem solving to work with grassroots organisations across Asia Pacific and MENA regions, in post conflict, post disaster countries to develop opportunities for sustainable and liveable income streams for women. Advocating for national policies and programs that support economic justice and women’s rights is a crucial element in her work.

Judith’s attendance at the UN Commission for the Status of Women (CSW) annually since 2000 is a reflection of a determination to realising women’s lifelong economic security by working collaboratively with the many amazing feminists and conscientious organisations that gather there, to give voice and global positive change for women and their communities.

Judith is also a Member of the United Nations Association of Australia.

Hear Judith speak in Women Without Borders Break Out session, as part of Our Common Cause – Equality.