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Ella Hooper

Musician + VWT Board Member

Ella Hooper

Ella Hooper is a musician, mentor, radio and TV presenter. Bursting onto the scene at 16 with her rock band Killing Heidi, Ella released Reflector (2000) an album chock full of angsty anthems sung with gusto which made her a household name and an unlikely teen icon.

Known for her unique style, outspoken attitude and championing of ‘outsiders’ Ella and Killing Heidi had a strong message of individualism wrapped in an accessible package.

Ella has since gone on to record multiple records with various musical projects, toured the world, branched out into media, hosting a variety of shows and mentoring other young artists along the way.

She has recently joined the board of Creative State, advising the state government on the concerns of the Victorian music scene, and has also recently been delighted to join the board of the Victorian Women’s Trust.

Hear Ella speak on Day One of Breakthrough 2016.