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Dr. Vivian Waller


Dr. Vivian Waller

Dr. Vivian Waller is a solicitor and the Managing Partner of Waller Legal.

Waller Legal is a legal practice dedicated to assisting people who have been sexually assaulted and people who were physically, sexually or psychologically abused or neglected when they were a child. Vivian was admitted to legal practice in 1995 and has represented victim/survivors of sexual assault for more than 20 years.

She has been running state ward cases since the mid 1990s, where she ran claims on behalf of clients abused as children at the Ballarat Orphanage.

Waller Legal have represented 20 survivor and related witnesses in five different Royal Commission hearings. Vivian completed a PhD on child sexual assault litigation in Victoria, and post-traumatic disorder resulting from childhood sexual abuse. Based in Melbourne, Waller Legal also act for Indigenous Australians and often travel to remote communities to work on issues relating to abuse in missions, schools and orphanages.

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