Breakthrough - The Future is Gender Equality.




Dinochip is a Melbourne-based folky, bluesy rock duo made up of Ellen Rafferty and Nina De La Cruz.

They formed haphazardly in 2012 just two weeks out from Uni Battle of the Bands, and have gone from strength to strength since then, proud to be making music in a city that is so supportive of live music.

Dinochip’s music involves mellow acoustic guitars, serene vocal harmonies and a touch of harmonica – the kind of music to listen to on a Sunday.

Some of their biggest influencers include Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. To get inside Dinochip’s minds, take a listen to Paul Kelly’s Meet Me in the Middle of Air. Inspired by the #ItTakesOne campaign to combat sexual assaults and harassment of female fans and artists.

Dinochip look forward to the day where they can set up on stage without a handful of random men asking if they need help/know what they’re doing.

Hear Dinochip perform in GRL PWR Breakout session, as part of Our Common Cause — Equality.