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Colleen Hartland


Colleen Hartland

Colleen Hartland is a Greens MP in the Victorian Parliament, where she has represented Melbourne’s western metropolitan region for the past 10 years. Before entering parliament, Colleen was a well-known community activist and served as a Councillor in the City of Maribyrnong. She has an extensive and interesting work history, including home care and as a kitchen hand in Parliament during the term of the Cain/Kirner Governments.

Colleen Hartland is known as a western suburbs activist and rose to prominence as a foundation member of the Hazardous Materials Action group (HAZMAG), particularly around Coode Island during the 1990s. In 2000 Colleen undertook a Diploma in Community Development at Victoria University TAFE and following completion she worked at the Western Region Health Centre for 5 years. This position was based in an Office of Housing block in Williamstown where she supported 90 older residents to stay in their homes and improve their wellbeing.

Colleen was elected as Councillor for Sheoak Ward in the Maribyrnong City Council in 2003, and served on the council until 2005. Since being elected in 2006, Colleen has continued to be a strong advocate for the western suburbs community, a place she has called home for 30 years. She holds the portfolios of health, mental health, disability, ageing, gambling and liquor regulation, veterans and emergency services for the Victorian Greens.

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