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Angela Priestley

Editor + Journalist

Angela Priestley

Angela Priestley is the founding editor of Women’s Agenda, a publication for career-minded women. She has been a journalist and editor for twelve years, writing about and editing publications on legal affairs, business, politics and technology.

She is a passionate advocate and supporter of making career opportunities more accessible to men and women, no matter what their life choices. She is also a business owner and mother of two boys, and experiencing the realities of flexible work firsthand, learning just how much can be done on a smartphone.

Angela’s first book is Women Who Seize the Moment (Ventura Press). As an author, publisher, editor and content strategist she builds communities, and is passionate about storytelling and engaging audiences through content and events. In 2013 Angela was named as one of Cosmopolitan magazine’s 30 Influential Women under 30, and as one of Open College’s Most Inspirational Women Online.

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