Equal Futures Endowment Fund: A Path to Sustainability

Over 38 years, our advocacy for gender equality has been fueled by the generosity of donors, contributing over $32 million. These funds have powered critical advocacy campaigns, events, policy and research initiatives, as well as transformative civic engagement processes.

While proud of our achievements, we acknowledge the formidable challenge posed by continual fundraising for operations.

We aspire to do even more for women, girls, and gender diverse people. As a steadfast, independent voice for gender equality, the Equal Futures Endowment Fund will magnify our impact, and ensure the Trust is here for all time.

Barriers to Equality Persist

Despite progress, Australia still grapples with entrenched gender inequalities:

  • More than one Australian woman is killed by a current or former partner each week.
  • Economic gender disparities cost the nation $129 billion annually.
  • Women are disproportionately burdened by unpaid work and financial disadvantage.
  • Perpetrators’ use of technology poses new threats to women’s privacy and safety.

Our Sustainability Mission

We have been on a sustainability mission for the past three years. 

Our first action was to create the Equal Futures Endowment Fund. Next, and thanks to an early capital gift from a donor, we now have a permanent home on Queens Parade, Clifton Hill. 

We have also secured our community grant making in perpetuity, thanks to other donors who endowed our seventeen Sub-Funds. We have a strong, digitally savvy young staff who share the passion and commitment to achieving full gender equality. 

Our final task is to ensure the Victorian Women’s Trust has the means to continue to be a voice for women and girls, long into the future.

A Call for Change: Together We Can

We need to unite against systemic barriers to progress. Your support drives our efforts to combat inequality and helps to create a brighter future.

Join us in shaping a better tomorrow.

If you would like to learn more about the Equal Futures Endowment Fund, and ways you can make a contribution, please contact:

Mary Crooks AO
Executive Director
(03) 9642 0422

Our Impact: Your Support in Action

With your support, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones since 1985:

  • Supported hundreds of grassroots initiatives with feminist grants
  • Drafted a world-first Menstrual and Menopausal Leave policy, sparking significant media interest and public discussion
  • Established 17 dedicated Sub-Funds, each with a unique social justice vision
  • Held over 93 events
  • Toured two major public exhibitions
  • Run numerous, transformative civic engagement campaigns galvanising people into action
  • Mentored hundreds of students and volunteers
  • Given over 1,000 speeches
  • Produced four podcasts, five short films, dozens of webinars, 30 publications, over 500 blogs, and dozens of policy submissions

And there’s so much more yet to come.

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