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2016 Event Keynotes:

Making Waves, Making History

Dr. Clare Wright
Award winning historian, La Trobe University

“How can we know what we are capable of accomplishing, enduring, resisting, overcoming, if we don’t understand how women before us have negotiated their lives? This is another great Australian silence. A silence that perpetuates the myth of exclusive male agency and male potency, and by implication, presumed historical absence from the places and events of nation building, also provides the rationale for male privilege and male entitlement today. Just because you didn’t learn about it in schools, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.”


Money. Power. Freedom.

Dr. Richard Denniss
Chief Economist, the Australia Institute

“I want to tell you a story of lies and deception. It’s not Game of Thrones; it’s the Australian policy process. So basically I want to spell out what I think are the three big lies that are used to not cover up, but silence, they’re different. The three big lies that are used to silence our public debate when it comes to issues of gender inequality in Australia, and one big truth.”


Our Rightful Place

The Hon. Tanya Plibersek
Deputy Leader of the Opposition

“We cannot take progress for granted. We have to keep prosecuting the case, that democracy is better and stronger when it is more representative. There is no more important a time to have a greater number of women in leadership positions, because the laws that women have fought for can be unwritten. So women need to stand their ground, and we need to do it in a way that brings more people in.”


Speaking Out

Tara Moss
Author & Presenter

“Worldwide today, fewer than 1 in every 4 people we hear from or about is female. It’s  better than it was in 1995, that was only 17%. I assure you, it did not get to 24% by accident. It was a lot of advocacy; it was a lot of activism and social change and process that brought us to this point even. But this has stalled; in 2010 it was the same number. How is that a representation of the world we live in? How is that a representation of democracy?”


Safety in Numbers

Rosie Batty
Domestic Violence Activist

“It saddens me considerably when I hear, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” There are many other ways that we victim blame but that question, why doesn’t she just leave? Well why the bloody hell should she?  (…)   I cannot wait until we turn around and say, well lets just turn the conversation around right now and say, “Why is he choosing to be violent and why doesn’t he just stop?”


We Can + We Will

Kate Jenkins
Victorian Sex Discrimination Commissioner

“This will require work, there are not quick wins. If a corporate, if a CEO ever says that we want the quick wins, I just leave. I cannot talk to them, because if there was one thing or if there was a quick win that could do this, then we would have done it. So we recognise now that you need multiple intersecting strategies. You need government, you need corporates, you need community organisations, you need sporting fields, media, you need a whole range of strategies. If possible they interlink, but all of them are necessary.”


Audio and transcripts from the rest of keynote addresses and breakout sessions will be released over the coming months.
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so that in this lifetime we will be:

  • equally paid for the same work
  • safe on the streets and in our homes
  • equally represented in our parliament and leadership positions
  • in charge of our own bodies


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