Between the Leaves
Episode four: Body

“Or call my pain
A skirmish in the whole
Tremendous conflict between body and soul”

Hosts Ellen and Hermina on poems that explore the contested space that is the body; how it’s seen, represented and experienced.

Featured poets

Lesbia Harford

Grace Nichols

Ellen van Neerven

Elizabeth Campbell

Hermina Burns

Robin M. Eames

Poems (in order of appearance)

Nichols, Grace. “Invitation”. The fat black woman’s poems. London: Virago, 1984.

Harford, Lesbia. “Periodicity”. Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets by Llewellyn Kate, Llewellyn Kate and Susan Hampton, 1986

Campbell, Elizabeth.In public, gawping at the kid”. Error, John Leonard Press, 2011

M. Eames, Robin. “Anabasis”. Westerly, 2019. 

Burns, Hermina. “Skin in History”. Bite of a Bluebottle Bristlebird Press, 2019.

van Neerven, Ellen. “Dysphoria”. Overland no. 232 Spring periodical issue, 2018.


Hosts Ellen van Neerven, Hermina Burns

Music (Intro) Loop Lady – 2. In the Middle by Sally Whitwell; (outro) Black Smoke by Emily Wurramara

Co-producers Mary Crooks AO, Maria Chetcuti, Ally Oliver-Perham

Sound engineer Nicholas Pollock

Recording  Squeak E. Clean Studios, the Voice Plant

Graphic design Aimee Carruthers