Money Power Freedom - Ep #6 18 December 2019

The Mother Load

This is our final episode and gosh, it’s a doozy! Cal and Santi get down to the nitty gritty of money and power to find out why women are still being financially penalised for having children (especially single mothers) and how this concerns all of us, kids or no kids. Plus, hear from Dr. Lyndall Strazdins who says that in order to solve the gender pay gap once and for all, first we need to understand the gender gap in time.

Duration: 32min 18sec
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Jamila Rizvi Editor, Future Women
Karen Pickering
author & feminist organiser
Juanita McLaren
academic researcher & writer
Dr Lyndall Strazdins
Professor and ARC Future Fellow, Research School of Population Health, ANU

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