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Rowan Dowland

General Manager Corporate Development, Bank Australia

Rowan Dowland

Rowan is General Manager Corporate Development with Bank Australia, Australia’s first customer owned bank.

Rowan led the re-brand and transformation of the bank which relaunched in August 2015 as Bank Australia. An essential element of the bank’s transformation process is a strategy to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Over the past decade Rowan has strongly influenced the way Bank Australia aligns its approach to business with the values and expectations of its 130k+ customers. Rowan was awarded the Australian Mutual Executive of the Year in 2013.

Rowan has extensive experience in both the corporate and government sectors, moving into the customer owned banking sector 20 years ago. He sits on a number of industry and community sector boards, and regularly speaks to different audiences on the Bank Australia story and business case. He is passionate about the role of cooperative enterprise and the opportunities to create shared value.

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