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Luke Giuliani

Social Entrepreneur

Luke Giuliani

Luke Giuliani is a social entrepreneur who has started numerous projects and businesses.

Luke is passionate about using technology to make the world better, and has set up projects such as Squareweave, a web company making the world better with technology; Grace, a cafe in Fitzroy; OurSay, a social enterprise connecting citizens to decision makers; and The Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done, a project to teach people how to work on ideas that don’t even exist yet.

He has extensive experience in consulting and senior leadership roles, as well as holding positions on several boards including Chair of the Climate for Change Board.

Luke lives in Fitzroy with his wife, Lucy. In his spare time he enjoys good coffee, exhausting games of squash, long rides on his motorbike and bad sci-fi.

Hear Luke speak in Don’t Get Mad, Get Elected-Boards Break Out session, as part of Our Rightful Place