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Asiya Rodrigo

Social Entrepreneur

Asiya Rodrigo

Asiya Rodrigo is a freelance Project Manager and social entrepreneur.


Asiya is currently working with local councils and community-based associations to coordinate the planning and delivery of education, mentoring and training projects for teachers, mentors, youth and community leaders.

With an extensive background in education, Asiya has spent 13 years directing NGOs and schools in northern Nigeria, and worked with the Development Initiative of West Africa for 10 years to build bridges of opportunity for vulnerable communities. She also leading pro-poor initiatives and capacity building efforts for community-driven associations in Nigeria, Niger Republic, Sierra Leone and Liberia. She has spent 2 years managing community development projects in Sydney.

Her grassroots experience and depth of insight make her a sought-after speaker and advisor for a number of state and council level projects. She is a Project Coordinator for the Australian Muslim Women’s Association and an active volunteer. Asiya’s current passions include self-determination for First Nations, intersectional feminism and holistic well-being.

Hear Asiya speak in Faith + Feminism Break Out session, as part of Our Common Cause – Equality.