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New Breakthrough Performer Mojo Juju Sings Tunes ‘Loaded With Sin’.

Fri 11 Nov

Mojo Juju is a musician, raconteur and bona fide expert in “vintage rock ‘n’ roll licks, howling jazz and grinding juke-joint blues” (Sydney Morning Herald). With a sound to make the devil in you to come out and play, Mojo Juju is the perfect addition to Breakthrough 2016.

Mojo Juju will be performing during our Breakthrough Get Together on Fri 25 Nov, featuring performances from Judith Lucy and Georgia FieldsWe spoke with Juju about the music world, what gender equality really means and got some choice advice for future music makers. Read on.

VWT: Your music is constantly evolving and changing as you explore new styles. What positive changes and developments have you seen, especially for women, throughout your career in the music industry?

Mojo Juju (MJ): It’s funny. I think that kind of progress ebbs and flows. We take a few steps forward, then a couple back. I think the most positive thing that is happening at the moment is conversation.

Everybody is noticing what needs to change and the conversations are being had, fairly loudly I would say. Hopefully the result of that is action.

VWT: What changes do you feel still need to be made achieve gender equality in the music community?

MJ: Hahaha. That’s a pretty big question with an incredibly long answer. I don’t know if I can solve this riddle. I do think it would be great to see more women, not just on festival bills etc, not just musicians, but more women heading Major record labels or running major festivals and so on.

Just holding different positions throughout the industry, in order to, I guess, give a female perspective, a female voice to the decisions that are being made on every level. There needs to be balance across the board.


VWT: Do you have any advice for young, aspiring musicians?

MJ: Go get ’em. Work hard and have fun.

Be prepared for it to be tough out there but remember why you do it.

Also, don’t follow trends in music. Make your own.

VWT: What does gender equality mean to you?

Exactly what it sounds like. Equality of the genders. And that means all of them. Not just the binary ones.

Catch the dark, moody and soulful tunes of Mojo Juju between 3pm-4pm, Friday 25 Nov during our Breakthrough Get Together, featuring performances from Judith Lucy and musician Georgia Fields.

Happening over 25 + 26 Nov at the Melbourne Town Hall, Breakthrough features 100+ speakers and performers (such as Tanya Plibersek, Leigh Sales, Yassmin Abdel-Magied and more!) and real gender equality action. Tickets on sale now.


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