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Naida Beltrame joins Victorian Women’s Trust board

We’re very excited to welcome our newest Trustee, Naida Beltrame.

Naida is a tax specialist whose career has focused on supporting high net-wealth individuals with tax advice, and securing funding for companies ranging from startups to multinationals for their investments in research and development. Former roles have included 11 years at Deloitte and Ernst & Young. Naida has had a lifelong passion for supporting human rights, particularly those of women, children and minorities.

Naida has been a board member of a number of organisations that give a voice to such minorities who are under-represented or disadvantaged, including the East Timor Hearts Fund and Diaspora Action Australia. In her capacity as finance director for such organisations, Naida has worked to establish, support and deliver on their key strategic priorities.

Naida is an Australian-born daughter of Lebanese migrants who saw in Australia the opportunities for a better life than that surrounded by war. Having lived in Lebanon, Naida’s natural fire for gender equity was further stoked. It clarified Naida’s resolve that women and girls have the ability to choose their own destiny and access all opportunities, unencumbered by their gender in any way; that to raise reserves of strength and the standards that women and girls accept was critical for this to eventuate. Naida sees her most recent board position at VWT as an exciting opportunity to build on the strength of VWT’s past and deliver on its critical purposes to support women and girls in these ways well into the future.

Naida currently provides tax advice at Beltrame Consulting, is a senior R&D tax specialist with GrantReady and a registered tax agent at H&R Block.

A member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and a registered tax agent, Naida has a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Arabic from the University of Melbourne.

Welcome to the fold, Naida!

Meet the VWT board

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