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Holiday Gift Guide: The Feminist Edition

It’s December already, which means we are well and truly in silly season! Jeepers. To help you dial down on the silly, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite feminist books, posters and other goodies, perfect for the discerning feminist in your life. Best of all, there’s something for every budget. Take a look:

Greeting cards (3 pack) by Michelle Pereira
→ Buy online now via the VWT Shop

Spruce up your gift giving, support women & girls, and spread the good word about gender equality — all at the same time! How, you ask? With Michelle Pereira x VWT Greeting Cards, of course. Each card is blank on the inside, printed on eco-star paper and comes with a matching envelope. Better yet, every item purchased from the VWT Shop supports our work in creating a brighter future for women and girls.


Too Much Lip Melissa Lucashenko

→ Buy online now via Readings Bookstore

Melissa Lucashenko is a writer of grit and substance. Her 2019 offering Too Much Lip was shortlisted for both the 2019 Stella Prize and the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for fiction, and no wonder. Darkly funny, yet hopeful, Lucashenko has crafted a narrative that draws you right into the world of Kerry Salter, a witty roamer with penchant for avoiding the hard stuff until it’s too late. But when her dad’s health begins to fail and she’s on the brink of doing hard time, Kerry has to head back to the hometown she’s avoided for so long, unknowingly in search of closure.

Money Power Freedom limited edition tea towel by Michelle Pereira
→ Buy online now via the VWT Shop

We recently collaborated with Fitzroy artist Michelle Pereira to create a limited edition tea towel, Money Power Freedom. Locally screen printed on linen/cotton with Pereira’s original artwork, this piece pays beautiful homage to Carol Porter’s 1997 artwork, To Every Woman: Money Power Freedom.

By making a purchase from the VWT Shop, you are directly supporting our work for gender equality. Win/win!


Fashionista Maxine Beneba Clarke
→ Buy online now via Readings Bookstore

‘Clothes can speak for us, when we cannot … fashion can be defiant, revolutionary, wild, compliant, challenging, or camouflaging.’ – Maxine Beneba Clarke

This children’s book is for anyone who sees fashion as an art form that shifts the way we think and interact with the world. Filled with joyous collages of larger than life figures such as Prince and Beyonce flaunting their lewks across the page, Maxine Beneba Clarke (author of The Hate Race, The Patchwork Bike, Wide Big World and more) encourages the reader to embrace their individuality, let their creativity run wild, and most importantly, have fun! It’s a delight.

Reusable beeswax wraps, lunch bags, produce bags and more Sisterworks 
From $14 to $28
→ Buy online now via Sisterworks’ Shop

Who wouldn’t love some quirky reusable beeswax wraps and such that support women in our community? These cute and practical items are made by Sisterworks, an organisation that supports migrant women and women seeking asylum to develop strong roots in their community and further their skills. All of their products are environmentally friendly, making their wares ideal for the sustainable feminist.

About Bloody Time: the Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have Karen Pickering and Jane Bennett
→ Buy online now via the VWT Shop

About Bloody Time makes the case for menstrual revolution as an essential key to unlocking gender equality. Thousands of women and girls shared their experience of menstruation and menopause. The results were clear. Shame. Stigma. Humiliation. Disgust. Negative attitudes are pervasive, entrenched, and harmful.

Co-written by Karen Pickering (feminist organiser) and Jane Bennett (menstrual educator) this book digs deep into the menstrual taboo: where it exists, how it came to be and why it’s so resilient. Our culture asks women and girls to view their bodies through a prism of negativity and fear. This book is here to change that.

Charlotte Allingham prints, stickers and more
From $25-$100
→ Buy online now via
Word of warning: some of Allingham’s artworks feature swear words but perhaps that’s your jam?

As a proud Wiradjuri woman from NSW, Charlotte Allingham creates artworks that challenges perceptions of First Nations people and celebrates Indigenous culture and identity. Allingham’s art draws across cultural practices, politics and contemporary modes of expression to comment on sovereignty, survival and resistance to the colonialist patriarchy. Offering powerful prints and comics that speak to the experience of Aboriginal women, Charlotte Allingham’s prints remain the perfect gift for every feminist that recognises sovereignty was never ceded.


Don’t Get Mad, Get Elected! A2 poster by Michelle Pereira
→ Buy online now via the VWT Shop

Michelle Pereira made this artwork in response to Carol Porter’s 1997 artwork, Don’t Get Mad, Get Elected! also available for purchase on the VWT Shop. Drawing on the same vision as Porter (and by that we mean, a truly representative parliament) Pereira has created an image that is both aspirational and invigorating, making it an absolutely necessary addition to your bedroom wall, board room or classroom.

And just like everything on the VWT Shop, every purchase supports our ongoing work in ensuring women and girls are on an equal footing in our society! Hooray.


Lobes of the Breast Earrings Dr. Loz
→ Buy online now via 

Dr. Lorien Parker has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a real knack for creating conversation starter pieces. These rather unique earrings pictured above, draw on anatomical representations of milk ducts whilst raising awareness about breast cancer. Dr. Parker also makes a glittering array of uteri earrings in support of Endometrial cancer research, the most diagnosed gynaecological cancer in Australia.

Cancer is a far reaching disease in our community and it feels good to know that a portion of profits raised goes directly to cancer research and treatment. Wear these beauties with pride!

Don’t Get Mad, Get Elected! A2 poster Carol Porter
→ Buy online now via the VWT Shop

Created by Australian artist Carol Porter, this artwork was commissioned by the Victorian Women’s Trust in 1997, reprinted with permission from the State Library of Victoria and it was also the direct inspiration for Michelle Pereira’s 2019 artwork of the same name (also available from the VWT Shop).

This poster has proven to be a winner with women on all sides of politics and even made it’s way into parliament. Pairs well with Danish political drama Borgenor better yet, the recent ABC series Total Control along with a dash of riot grrl music, and a good ol’ fashioned feminist protest (lord knows we need more of that).


the witch doesn’t burn in this one Amanda Lovelace
→ Buy online now via Readings Bookstore

The witch has long been an icon for women’s rights. It makes sense — she’s an empowered, independent woman, persecuted for breaking social norms and challenging male dominated power structures. In some ways, she’s the first feminist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In this collection of poems, Lovelace navigates a woman’s resilient, empowered journey through womanhood, tracing her struggle for equality along the lines of a witch’s trial, condemned for no other reason than for the sake of being a woman. This gift is a sure-fire way to bewitch your friends and inspire a bit of witch-iness in your favourite feminist’s life.

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