Your Guide to International Women’s Day 2018

We’re all about women every day at the Trust, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been looking forward to International Women’s Day (IWD) with giddy anticipation since the last one rolled around. Happening on March 8, this is the one day of the year that women’s groups from all over, come together and unleash the feminist within to shine a light on gender equality. It’s a time to celebrate and get loud about the stuff that matters. 

Here’s our round up of some kick-arse feminist things to do, see, and take part in on March 8! Note: this list may not be exhaustive, but it’s certainly intriguing. Take a look:


Melbourne IWD March
State Library of Victoria
Join people from all over Melbourne, as we take to the streets and march together in solidarity for equal rights!


Fang it! Live for International Women’s Day
5pm-7pm, PBS 106.7FM Community Radio Station, Collingwood
PBS 106.7FM is taking a break from their usual broadcasting to showcase some of the coolest chicks going around in their studio space including Camp Cope, Lazertitz and more. Get on down.

International Women’s Day // Celebrating Women in Music
7:30pm-12 am, The Curtin, Carlton
Join in on this musical celebration of female, non-binary and trans-femme artists, with the diverse lineup of fabulous and fierce musicians including Miss Blanks, SIMONA and more!

JAZZ: Julie O Hara/ JM/ Harding/ Lee/ Hicks/ Guerrini
6:30pm-9.30pm, The Water Rat Hotel, South Melbourne
Come along and see legendary female jazz artist, Julie O’ Hara, as she tears up the stage in the predominantly male dominated jazz scene.


SHE PARTY X FEMME FEST: International Women’s Day Fundraiser
6pm, Voltaire, North Melbourne
A colourful evening of female performers, artists and designers, curated by women, about women. Featuring performers Tess Guthrie, Hannah Campbell, Lasca Dry and The Bellows. Only $10 entry, with all proceeds going to our friends at IWDA.

Hip Hop with DJ MzRizk
6pm-9pm, Jewish Museum of Australia
Check out this live performance by MzRizk, Melbourne based DJ, curator and radio presenter, at this evening inspired by Amy Winehouse’s favourite tracks. MzRizk is killing it in the Hip-Hop scene as well as youth activism. Well worth your time!


International Women’s Day: Where to for Feminism 2018
2:30-4:30pm, WIRE Women’s Information Referral Exchange, Melbourne
Join this exciting Q&A discussion with a panel of passionate and influential women. Exploring answers to important feminist queries: where to for feminism? And how do we include inclusion in feminism? You’ll also be given the opportunity to network with like-minded attendees while enjoying afternoon tea. Sounds yum.

Her Words: International Women’s Day Panel // How to be an activist + more
6:15pm-8.30pm One Roof Women, Southbank
Ever wonder how you can create change? Listen to five incredible women talk about their journey to activism and how they’re pressing for progress in 2018. Moderated by Roj Amedi, who will be chatting to Aretha Brown, Atong Atem, Georgie Stone and Jessica Walton.

Changing the game for Women in STEMM-IWD Panel Discussion
5:30pm-8pm, Elizabeth Blackburn Science School, organized by Sisters in Science
Join this discussion of wonderful women in STEMM and how they #PressforProgress on the road to achieving gender equity in a male dominated industry. Passionate panelists include, Penny Locaso (the world’s first ‘Happiness Hacker’), Sophie Frentz (PhD on childhood mitochondrial diseases) and Francesca Maclean (Consultant and Engineer in Residence). 

The System Behind Sexism
7pm-8:30pm, Victorian Trades Hall Council Building
A public discussion on institutionalised gender discrimination and how we can recognise, react to and challenge it. Introduced by social activist and author, Sandra Bloodworth, this is sure to be an insightful evening of open conversation and rallying resolutions.


International Women’s Day Party
6pm, Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood
A inclusive celebration of all that is woman, come together to celebrate our achievements. This event will include musical performances by local bands and an art exhibition (artists donating 50% of sales to Flat Out), featuring an awesome array of female and gender non-conforming artists.

WRAWFest Gala Evening
9 March, 6:30pm-10:30pmThe Clyde Hotel, Carlton
It’s party time! Come for a drink, some dinner, a chat with fellow feminists and a well deserved boogie and celebrate the achievements of working women in unions at the official close of the annual WRAWFest. Let the hilariously hospitable Monica Dullard guide you through the evening with her fiery MC skills. 


Vive la vie at 50! – Alliance Francaise French Film Festival
6:15pm-8:30pm, Palace Como
Screening of ‘Aurore’, a humorous and honest exploration of a middle-aged woman’s periodic standstill as she finds herself unemployed, divorced and hovering on the fringes of society. What better way to spend IWD than warming your heart with this reflection of the resilience of womanhood.

ARTS + Culture

Loud and Luminous: Celebration of Australian Photographers (Exhibition & Symposium)
Opening night, Friday 2nd March, Brunswick St Gallery, Fitzroy
Featuring 50-100 emerging and established photographers, the exhibition celebrates the contributions Australian women make to our cultural identity and history. The Symposium event will be held on International Women’s day at the gallery where artists will discuss the current photographic landscape and future challenges for female photographers.

International Women’s Day Tea and Conversation
2pm-4pm, Craft, Watson Place, Melbourne
Enjoy this carefree afternoon of tea and conversation with some very cool feminist crafters, plus some cameos from some very yummy cakes. Hello you. 

Women, Light the Way – Art Exhibition
6-25 March, Box Hill Community Arts Centre
Women, Light the Way is an exhibition showcasing female artists from the local community, recognising their flourishing female creativity whilst reflecting on the common theme of balance: juggling work life and their lives as women.

Other ways to celebrate:

  1. Spend time with the wonderful gals and non-binary pals in your life.
  2. Treat IWD like your own feminist New Year Eve and write down your feminist resolutions for the coming year!
  3. Get outside the bubble: talk about feminism with your peers, not just within your lovely feminist girl gangs.
  4. Become a regular donor to the Victorian Women’s Trust and help fund real social change for women & girls
  5. Host your own IWD event or head along to one in your area and feel the feminist vibes all around. 

Know of an IWD event happening in your area? Add it to our Events Calendar!

Image: We Can Do It by Tyler Feder

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