Turning Point

Turning Point is an internationally recognised specialist alcohol and drug organisation conducting research that leads to policy and service development. The primary focus is on improving and expanding the range and quality of treatment and support services through evidence-based research together with education and training programs.

Turning Point has a team of over 30 people who incorporate methods that ensure the needs of clients are better understood and anticipated.
Turning Point amalgamated with Eastern Health in October 2009 and is formally affiliated with Monash University.

Jean McCaughey Social Justice Sub-Fund

The Women’s Voice @ Turning Point project is funded by the Jean McCaughey Social Justice Sub-Fund.  The Trustees of the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust established the Sub Fund to show appreciation for and recognition of Dr Jean McCaughey AO’s significant contribution to the Victorian community.

Jean was a champion of social justice values and tireless community advocate, researcher and author. In her time as the wife of Victoria’s Governor she was known for her egalitarian style, opening up Government House to the public, and accepting patronage of more than 100 charities, chosen because of the value of their work.

The Jean McCaughey Social Justice Sub-Fund supports research projects that relate to women in the areas of:

  • homelessness
  • poverty and family well-being
  • strengthening local communities.

Project: Women’s Voice @ Turning Point

Grant type: Sub Fund
Amount: $9,153
Year:  2019-20
Website: www.turningpoint.org.au/

In the first clinic in Victoria specifically designed to address the needs of women with addiction, this research project aims to create a platform that will represent women at risk of homelessness. The project aims to enable women to have a voice in shaping the service to ensure it is safe, accessible, acceptable, and effective in helping women break the cycle of addiction and homelessness.

Sub Fund Grant 2019-20

Jean McCaughey Social Justice Sub-Fund

Jean McCaughey Social Justice Sub-Fund

Sub Funds

This Sub-Fund supports research projects that relate to women in the areas of homelessness, poverty and family well-being or strengthening local communities.

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