Women’s History

Dr. Clare Wright: “I’m drawn to women’s history because equity and justice demands it”

Tues 22 Nov Dr. Clare Wright is an award-winning historian and author who has worked as an academic, political speechwriter, historical consultant and radio and television broadcaster. She is an integral part of the history faculty at La Trobe University, which has been a pioneering institution in the academic field of Gender Studies for decades. La Trobe University is a key partner of Breakthrough 2016. Clare will be delivering a keynote address Making Waves, Making History on Day One of Breakthrough. We had a chat to Clare on the importance of learning about and from women's history. As a historian, you...

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Witch Way Forward

Mon 14 November 2016 Written by The Feed's Jan Fran. Currently I’m reading a book called The Witches, a historical retelling of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Much of the book is context with large chunks of chapters dedicated to explaining the prevailing cultural and religious ethos of the time, which gave rise to what was effectively the callous mass murder of (predominately) women. So turns out seventeenth century New Englanders believed in witchcraft – like reaaaaaally believed in witchcraft. This was thanks in large part to books: one being The Bible and...

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There is Nothing We Cannot Do And Yet There Is Still So Much That Stand In Our Way.

Tues 8 Nov Written by Anne Summers Anne Summers is a journalist and author. Her classic 1975 book Damned Whores and God’s Police was re-released on International Women’s Day 2016. Anne will be MC at Breakthrough 2016 on Friday 25 November. As someone who has been in the women’s rights movement for over four decades, she has seen first hand the power of positive social change for women and the ongoing struggle to maintain progress. She believes it’s time for Australia to breakthrough. When we consider that it is a hundred years since white women...

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