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25 + 26
Nov 2016
Breakthrough - The Future is Gender Equality.


Over the past 50 years, gender roles have shifted dramatically, transforming schools, workplaces, families and lives. Despite this, many limiting expectations remain, hindering our progress towards equality.

How can we move beyond old world views so that everyone has the freedom, security and space to reach their full potential? How can we accelerate change on issues lagging behind?

Breakthrough unpacks these questions and more, laying down the blueprint for an equal future through five key themes:

Money. Power. Freedom.

Freedom from financial struggle and having the power to determine the course of our own lives is key to our progress as a society. But despite many gains, many women are still denied economic stability. Experts will unpack the barriers that still exist for women today and what it will take to redress the imbalance.

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Our Rightful Place

Right now women are gaining ground in politics, the community, sports, the arts, media and workplaces. However, we remain far from equal in our representation. Get to know individuals and organisations bucking the trend and how can we hasten the pace of change.

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Our Common Cause — Equality

Respect for our differences and our common ground is essential to the gender equality movement. Learn how women of different faiths, regions, orientations and identity work side by side for the same goal and how each of us has a role in making gender equality a reality for all.

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Safety in Numbers

Everyone has a right to be safe in our homes, on the streets, at work and online. Responsive health care respects the dignity, rights and choices women make. Hear leading social change agents address where we are at today and identify the pathways forward.

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We Can + We Will

When we speak out with a united voice for what is right, we are powerful. From monumental shifts in law reform to shedding light on the issues that matter most, women have proved time and again that by joining together we can transform our culture. Join movers and shakers as they examine our hard won victories and the ways we willcontinue to break through.

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