7 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Breakthrough Experience

Tues 22 Nov

As Breakthrough draws ever closer, now is the perfect time to plan your Breakthrough journey. Here’s our top tips for making your event experience a real delight:

1. Bring your water bottle

Even with the power of modern technology, Melbourne weather can be a little unpredictable. We recommend bringing a water bottle to quench your thirst and save the planet at the same time. There will be water stations available, so you can refill your bottle whenever you need.

2. Download the free Breakthrough app

To make your life easier, we made a handy little event app. In there you’ll find a live updated agenda, speaker bios, interactive maps and social media stream, so you can keep up-to-date with everything Breakthrough. Free to download right now — get it here or search Breakthrough 2016 in your app store.

3. Book your Breakout sessions in advance!

This will put a spring in your step: every Breakthrough pass holder automatically has a seat in each and every keynote session. But wait there’s more — on top of that, all pass holders can register free for 5 breakout sessions!

As you know, Breakthrough has 5 major themes (read more about the themes here). Each theme has 5 corresponding breakout sessions. As some spaces have a limited capacity, we recommend registering for your preferred breakouts in advance.

Read full program here, find out more about registration process here or get in touch with us directly on (03) 9642 0422 to map out your Breakthrough journey.
4. BYO coffee cup = happy planet

Melbourne has no shortage of good coffee outlets in the central CBD, which is good news for all the coffee addicts out there. Even better news; Breakthrough will have free coffee available in the Melbourne Town Hall, at varying intervals (huzzah!). Make your coffee time count — bring your own reusable cup!

5. Tweet your #QForLeigh

Following Leigh Sales’ keynote address on day one of Breakthrough, Brodie and Anne will be asking Leigh your burning questions. So — if you could ask Leigh one question, what would it be?Tweet your question using the hashtag #QForLeigh and on Friday, you just might get your answer!
For those not on Twitter, feel free to submit your question for Leigh Sales via breakthrough@vwt.org.au

6. Bring your lunch or cash for lunch

Situated in the heart of the city, Breakthrough is surrounded by places to sit down and enjoy a homemade lunch with friends or you can pop into one of the many nearby restaurants and cafes. Up to you!

7. Start conversations

Conversations spark momentum. And momentum fuels a movement. We need to accelerate the progress of gender equality and the best way to that is to form connections and start dialogue. You will be surrounded by people as passionate and determined as you, so take this golden opportunity to meet new people and share ideas!

Breakthrough is happening over 25 + 26 November at the Melbourne Town Hall, don’t miss your chance to rub shoulders with passionate change makers like Tara Moss, Rosie Batty, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Jessica Rowe, Marilyn Waring and 100+ more. Given current climate, Breakthrough is timely gathering of people who know that the future is gender equality. Join us!

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